Monday, 27 May 2013

School Fees Inflation 2013

School Fees Inflation hits a 19 year low!

Not since 1994 has school fees inflation been as low according to figures produced in the annual census by Independent School's Council.

Remember of course that school fees across the board are at an all time high, they are just increasing at a lower rate. For the first time average private school fees are over £14,000 per year!

There are also now a number of schools that charge over £30,000 per year for boarding school fees.

In an recent article in the Financial Times, Chris Gray, headmaster of Gindon Hall Christian School (which has recently converted to a free school) is quoted, saying "independent schools suffer most at the end of a recession when parents can no longer hold on.

This is an interesting sentiment and it may be that Mr Gray has something. At the end of the day a private school is a business and like any business if customer numbers fall off then discounting is often one of the ways to reduce the fallout.

Like Grindon Hall, there are an increasing number of private schools deciding to convert to Free school status, which means they are state funded although remain independent of the local authority.

That said there are still over 500,000 pupils at ISC schools which means the total spent on private education is over £7bn every year!!!

With fees at an all time high it remains crucially important to plan ahead. Our friends at EDEN School Fees Planning are specialists in helping parents plan for private education. Some people can save thousands on the cost of private school which are on average around £250,000 per child. If you want to have a no obligation chat about your school fees, click here to enquire.
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